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Luxury Underlay

We provide people with the opportunity to buy leading premium underlay at affordable prices up to 20% less than some high street stores. Allow for the best underlay you can afford, a good quality underlay will considerably improve the life and comfort of your new carpet.

The carpet manufactures guarantee may well be invalid if you have your new carpet installed on old or poor quality underlay. Any complaints on premature wear or flattening may not be entertained. A new carpet underlay will provide excellent insulation, keep your home warmer and help reduce fuel bills. intrusive noise levels will also be reduced.

The underlay that we provide comes direct from the worlds largest polyurethane underlay manufacturer in the world. The underlay is made from recycled material and will increase insulation, reduce noise and allow for a longer carpet life.

Take a look below at the three types we have on offer.
Click on the thumbnails below to find out more:

Green Step UnderlayRich Step UnderlayDeep Step Underlay

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